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Need to Know

Need to Know has you under surveillance

Kickstarter campaign for NSA-inspired title.

  • Text: Sammy Cooper

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Need to Know places the player in the 'Department of Liberty,' an NSA-inspired organisation that monitors the every move of citizens.

It's a setup in a similar vein to Papers, Please (a game that throws you into the bureaucracy of working at a border control office - glory to Arstotzka), although Need to Know appears to expand on this theme, giving the player the option to progress through the ranks of the company and gain more and more power, and manage the life of the character to a greater extent.

The game gives you the choice of using your spying abilities for good or evil. As the Kickstarter page states: "Need to Know lets you spy on citizens' texts, emails, geodata, and much more. How you'll use this information is where the real excitement (and moral conflict) begins."

Need to Know has already well-exceeded its funding goal of $29,000 AUD, despite having plenty of time left. All of the stretch goals have almost been hit, too, which promises to add extra missions and features.

The developers aim to have part of the game released by the middle of the year, followed by a bigger release in October for early access backers.

Need to KnowNeed to KnowNeed to Know
Need to KnowNeed to KnowNeed to KnowNeed to Know