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Pirated version of Crashlands sold on Amazon

Indie game hit by piracy via major outlet.

Developed by a band of three brothers, one of wich was 23 years old and fighting cancer, indie game Crashlands only needed 42 hours go get greenlit via Steam Greenlight. That was last summer and on Thursday last week the game released for PC, iOS and Android.

Initially all was good and well for the action-oriented and humerous RPG game, until one of the brothers discovered something odd when browsing As it turned out someone had pirated their brand new game, and it was now on sale for as low as 5 US dollars.

Needless to say Amazon was quickly contacted in an attempt to remedy the situation:

"Someone pirated the APK and uploaded it onto Amazon. It is not ours. We are petitioning to get it pulled, but in the meantime, buyer beware", the trio (who calls themselves Butterscotch Shenanigans) said on Reddit.

Let's hope the counterfeit game is taken down quickly, and those responsible are made to pay.

Source: Polygon.