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Gamereactor UK

GRTV: Maxis on Sim City

Bret Berry talks reboot.

We caught up with Maxis VP and General Manager Bret Berry outside of the Sim City booth at E3 to find out more about the reboot that fans have been craving for a long time.

On adding multiplayer to the formula:

"For the first time ever we focused on multiplayer. Cities in real life actually function, they work together, they can pollute eachother, crime could affect eachother. So we wanted to bring that to life."

On why it took so long for a sequel to surface:

"When Sim City 4 came out there were a lot of amazing ideas that they wanted to do, but it really took a long time actually to come up with the right technology. So Glassbox is really the lynchpin, really what allows us to produce this new reboot of Sim City. So we're allowed to do detail like we've never had before, but also present it in a very graphical, beautiful way that's easy to understand so that anybody can play Sim City."