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Gamereactor UK

Swiss retailer lists PlayStation VR for around £350

Placeholder pricing or a sign of things to come?

A Swiss online retailer has listed Sony's VR headset, PlayStation VR, for 498 Swiss francs (that's around €455 / £347). According to the retailer's listing, shipment of the VR headset is scheduled to commence on June 30, 2016. Sony has yet to comment on the matter.

It's a stark contrast to another recent retailer listing, when Amazon Canada suggested a price at $1,125 Canadian Dollars (that's around $800 USD), although that price point was denied by Sony immediately.

When it comes to VR, pricing is a sensitive issue, as demonstrated when Oculus recently announced the retail price for their headset. We asked then if the high cost of the tech might well stall the VR revolution before it even started.