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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 "very likely" to appear on Xbox One

Tripwire wants to port the co-op shooter, but will wrap up PC/PS4 versions first.

In our recent interview with Tripwire Interactive's Alan Wilson, which you'll be able to read here on Gamereactor in the coming days, we discussed the current state of the studio's Early Access co-op shooter, Killing Floor 2.

At the end of the interview we asked whether Xbox One players might be able to play the game at some point (it's currently only confirmed for PC and PS4), and while Wilson didn't officially confirm it for Microsoft's platform, he did suggest that it's likely that studio will eventually get around to porting it over.

"We had people playing the PS4 version at Sony PSX recently," Wilson wrote, "which was great to see. As for the Xbone - seems very likely to me. Just that it will have to wait until we've got the PC and PS4 versions finished first!"

Killing Floor 2 remains in Early Access on Steam, and it's in development on PlayStation 4. Soon you'll be able to read the full interview and some of our impressions of the game as it is right now, so stay tuned to Gamereactor this weekend for more on the blood-soaked shooter.

Killing Floor 2