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FIFA 16's next patch to improve penalties and referee decisions

Also the defensive pressure and the player positioning will be improved.

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With a blog post, Electronic Arts announced the list of improvements and updates available in FIFA 16 with the next patch, currently already available for the PC version of the game. This new update aims to improve penalties and referee decisions - one of the pain in the neck of this latest iteration in FIFA franchise - as well as the defensive pressure and the player positioning on the field. Below are all the improvements that come with the update:


- Improvements to the Rules and Physics systems to have better referee decisions and help address penalty decisions.

- Behavioral changes in 'Secondary Contain' and 'Interceptions' to help balance high-pressure situations.

- Improvements in how quickly fatigue effects occur for players using 'Aggressive Interceptions' and 'Secondary Contain'. This could, in turn, have an impact on your ability to apply high pressure as the game progresses and your players become increasingly fatigued.

- Instances where no auto tackle launched even when positioned properly.

- Improvements in the positioning system to allow for better attacking runs and support.

EA have yet to officially announced when the update will be available on other platforms, but presumably it will release soon. We'll keep you posted.


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