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Hitman beta heading to PS4 in February

New trailer lands and exclusive content detailed.

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There's going to be a beta for Hitman, it's heading to PlayStation 4 on February 12 of next year, and it will be open to anyone who pre-orders the game.

A new trailer has dropped to mark the announcement, and we have a couple of details to share. First there's going to be some exclusive content, in the form of six extra contacts called The Sarajevo Six (the first three will be available at launch on March 11, the rest will come online thereafter).

The beta will be set some 20 years in the past, and will chart Agent 47's recruitment by the agency, which should make for an interesting mission for long-time fans of the series.

During PlayStation Experience yesterday it was also confirmed that mobile title Hitman GO will also be heading to PS4 and PS Vita in the future.


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