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Gloomywood on the stealth survival of 2Dark

We chat with Alone in the Dark creator Frederick Raynal and Thierry Platon from Gloomywood.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

We had a chat with Alone in the Dark creator Frederick Raynal and Thierry Platon from Gloomywood Studios about their new studio, horror game design and their new project, 2Dark - a throwback to the origins of the survival horror genre with a rather interesting artstyle.

"2Dark is a stealth horror adventure game," says Raynal. "A kind of survival horror, but this one is more orientated to stealth. So it's kind of different than other survival horror [games]."

"In this game you play the role of Mr. Smith. An old cop and his children have been kidnapped."

"When I did Alone in the Dark I was looking for a new kind of visualisation," says Raynal when asked about the artstyle. "After that for Little Big Adventure I tried something else with isometric bitmap scenery with 3D characters in it. And I always try to mix different kinds of technology to find a new kind of visual. But the goal is not only to have a new visual, it's also to make it fit to the game. So for this game I wanted to have a gameplay like a dual stick shooter game on mouse and keyboard and make the game very, very playable. Easily playable. And so the graphics serves the gameplay a lot.

2Dark is scheduled for release early next year on PC. "We're used to saying Q1 2016", says Raynal, while Platon chimes in "Maybe Q2".