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The Game Bakers opens up on Furi

We chat with Emerich Thoa about boss fights.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Emeric Thoa of The Game Bakers had a little chat with us at Paris Games Week about Furi, the upcoming action game which consists solely of boss fights.

"Furi is a boss fight game," says Thoa. "You will only fight bosses, and it's about duels. It's really about fighting for a reason."

We also came to talk about the aesthetics of the game.

"We wanted to be a really strong audiovisual experience and the music is part of what I feel is a duel. I just to do boxing and before I came into the ring I used to listen to music to get myself into the mood, to get rid of the fear."

Thoa also talked about how it came to be that they are collaborating with Afro Samurai-creator Takashi Okazaki.

"We wanted top notch character design obviously," explains Thoa. "And I tried to find who would be the best guy for this task. And we contacted Okazaki and he answered he was interested so we started back and forth emails and he started drawing some stuff. And I was like 'aw yeah, that's super good'."

Furi is being developed for PC and PS4 with release schedule for early next year.