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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Lords of Shadow GRTV Interview

Studio talk three game series.

Enric Alvarez, Mercury Steam studio head, and producer Dave Cox have revealed some tidbits about Lords of Shadow 2, talked the importance of 3DS title Mirror of Fate, and discussed their plan for the three-part saga.

We caught up with the pair at this year's E3, and in a fifteen minute GRTV interview spanning the entire Lords of Shadow trilogy, picked their brains about redefining the Dracula legend.

The full video interview can be watched below, but here are a few choice snippets.

On Gabriel being Dracula:

"There are always people that will consider that a sacrilege, but we think that is a very nice way to explain the bonds between Belmont and Dracula. Because why do they fight? Because Dracula is the first one of them: the rest of them feel shame. They need to destroy him because their clan is in part responsible."

On concluding Gabriel's story:

"You won't necessarily agree with what he does at the end of the game. He's a badass, he's the ultimate dark lord, the ultimate vampire and he's going to be a lot of fun to play, but you'll understand where he's coming from. The tragedy of his family, the tragedy of his offspring, his ancestors. Hopefully we can deliver something that people who enjoyed [the original] and are interested to see where we're going with the story will get the epic conclusion they want with Lords of Shadow 2."

On Mirror of Fate's placement:

"It's more about the Belmonts and their story; about their ancestors. The periphery characters, and how they're effected by the story of what happened to Gabriel. You got the two Lords of Shadow games - they're bookends, while Mirror of Fate is the middle, that fills in a lot of the detail."

The rebuilt engine and game changes in LoS2:

"For Lords of Shadow 2 we've - not entirely rebuilt, but heavily built again - the engine to accommodate the few things that we consider were necessary to improve the experience. I can't go much deeper, but you'll feel that every single aspect of Lords of Shadow has been improved. I can mention exploration: it's a big focus. Not just for Mirror of Fate, but Lords of Shadow 2 too. One of the main comments we got from people that played the first one. If we could put a bit more exploration, that would be even cooler. So that's something you're going to find in [both titles]."

On ending the saga:

"This is going to be beyond epic...we want to end the saga in a big way. We want people to be totally satisfied, we want there to be a real conclusion to the game, to the story, that everyone is happy with and leaves a mark on the Castlevania dynasty...that people will talk about it for years to come."

On the voice talent:

"Some of the cast are returning. We've some new cast members too. Some really cool people that we can't talk about right now. I can say that Robert is returning to the role."

On the music:

"Oscar is coming back to do the score. We're going to have a big orchestral score because that's what fits the world. But I think we'll also take a more electronic approach to certain elements of it."

Watch the full interview right here.