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Wonderstruck's Boundless impresses at Sony conference

Guildford-based studio seemingly mixes Minecraft with No Man's Sky.

One game that impressed us at Sony's Paris Games Week presser last night, that we'd heard very little about up until now was Boundless from Guildford-based Wonderstruck. Maybe it got a little lost in a sea of upcoming voxel-based games? Nevertheless, the development has been on going for a while and you can buy into some sort of instant access on PC right now over on the official website.

Announcing the PS4 version at the show, Boundless will feature cross-platform single world multiplayer. Ambitious and kind of hard to wrap your head around to be perfectly honest.

"Our ambition is to build the ultimate open-world sandbox filled with real players, toys and mechanics. The most exciting things are yet to be discovered," writes James Austin & Ben Furneaux from Wonderstruck on the official PlayStation Blog.