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New secret game in development at Yager

Studio recovers after losing Dead Island 2, unannounced project confirmed.


Spec Ops: The Line's brilliant storytelling convinced both critics and gamers alike, and that positive reception seemed to mean an interesting future for the Berlin-based studio regarding new projects.

However, things went wrong with the highly anticipated Dead Island 2, with its publisher ending up withdrawing the game from Yager's hands and looking for a new studio, which also meant cessation of payment for the studio.

Now, however, developers are getting over the turmoil and Yager is currently completing the space combat F2P game Dreadnought (due next year for PC)... and they're even making another, yet-to-be-revealed game.

This has been confirmed during an in-depth interview with managing director Timo Ullmann on the studio's past, present and future, with Games Industry. Apparently, according to article, "the company still has a following who will wait eagerly for Dreadnought, and another project about which Ullmann can confirm nothing beyond its very existence".

Now it's only a matter of time before we find out how much of the talent that made Spec Ops is left at the studio, and how much of the studio's undoubted potential can be realised in the new games currently in development.