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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Luminosity Gaming are the MLG Columbus Major champions

Brazilian team Luminosity Gaming takes the Major 2-0 over Natus Vincere.


Brazilian team Luminosity Gaming emerged as the victors over Natus Vincere at the MLG Columbus Major, the biggest Counter-Strike tournament ever held.

Luminosity defeated Na'Vi over two maps. The first map, Mirage, was a closely contested match as Na'Vi built a commanding 4-11 lead by half-time. Luminosity fought back and tied the game up at 12-12, after which the teams took turns winning rounds, pushing the game to overtime. There, Luminosity closed the map with a 19-17.

Game two on Overpass was an entirely different affair. Na'Vi, seemingly reeling from Luminosity's comeback in the previous game, only picked up two rounds while the brazilians had win streaks of first seven and then nine round wins. That put the final score at 16-2, and makes Luminosity Gaming the first non-European team to ever win a CS:GO Major.

Luminosity goes home with a spiffy trophy and a $500,000 cheque.

Luminosity had defeated Team Liquid in Saturday's semifinals, putting an end to the American team's impressive run through the tournament, one that included a shocking win over Fnatic in the group stage. In the other semifinal, Na'Vi sent Danish side Astralis packing.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo courtesy of MLG.

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