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Gamereactor UK

News Highlights: Fri 29th June

Events, closures and afterthoughts.

One last round of news before the weekend...

A German newspaper has suggested Gamescom is under review. But that news hasn't stopped Blizzard from announcing their line-up for this year's event.

Prototype 2 dev Radical Entertainment faces closure.

Konami admit that DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was a mistake and an afterthought.

We've got more details on 007 Legends.

A couple of games got announced. Zombeer and Wipeout 3 came out of the woodwork. And we've got new assets for Company of Heroes 2, Dead or Alive 5, Of Orcs and Men and Pokemon Black/White 2.

We got hands-on with the new Nintendo 3DS XL, and God of War devs talk about why their game isn't funny.

Have a good weekender.