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Mass Effect 3

New Mass Effect 3 DLC hinted at

Files found in Extended Cut.

Spoilers ahead people.

Even with the Extended Cut only released yesterday, it's not taken long for someone to dig into its files and unearth reference to a potential new DLC expansion.

A user over at BioWare Social Network has unpacked multiple scripts that elude to a mission involving a mining facility, dig sites - and a recovered and revived Reaper named Leviathan, that's traitor to its race and that can be potentially recruited to fight the invasion.

The files also include fresh dialogue for your crew, and there's mention also of a submersible of some description.

BioWare's working on post-launch DLC, though the backlash to the ending caused them to "re-prioritise" their schedule to get the Extended Cut out the door first.

Mass Effect 3