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Gamereactor UK

News Highlights: Mon 25th June

New endings, price wars and Lego.

Mass Effect 3 has a revised ending. It'll be available tomorrow.

Lego Batman 2 topped this week's multiformat sales chart. We've got a timely interview with producer Philip Ring.

Far Cry 3 got a release date.

A price war has started, with retailers positioning themselves ahead of the launch of the recently announced 3DS XL.

343 are comparing Halo 4 mutliplayer mode Spartan Ops to something similar in scope to a television series.

Criterion has revealed that they are now the sole studio driving the Need for Speed franchise.

Dragon's Dogma has shipped one million copies. Capcom will be able to toast to their success in their new RE themed restaurant

Britain's best Starcraft II players are converging on London.

If Magic: The Gathering is your cup of tea, then you should enjoy this interview.