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Gamereactor UK

Crossout's creators detail the upcoming vehicular MMO

We discover more about the game's mantra: Craft, Ride, Destroy.

Targem Games are working with publisher and War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment on Crossout, a new vehicular-based MMO-shooter. During Gamescom we had a chance to talk to studio boss Stanislav Skorb, who had plenty to tell us about the game.

"Crossout is arcade MMO action. It consists of two parts, both of them equally important. The first is the combat, the fighting with the vehicles, the machines. And the second is constructing, building, creating these vehicles or machines."

We asked about what you need to get started, to which Skorb said: "Basically to move you just need the wheels, the engine and the cabin," says Skorb. "That's the basic parts. Then you can add armour, you can add guns, all kinds of modules, many, many, things."

Skorb also described the physics as "very realistic," so there could well be something in it for fans of simulation, as well as those who simply like to blow things up. If that sounds like your cup of tea, head this way to sign up for the beta.