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Gamereactor UK
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

GRTV: Bethesda on Dawnguard

Vampires and new dragons.

We caught up with lead artist Matthew Carofano from Bethesda to learn what Dawnguard brings to Skyrim.

"We looked at the game and said you know; what can we add to it and make it better? So we added a lot of improvements and we picked one area where we thought we could do a good story around vampires. So that's the focus of Dawnguard and we wanted to bring it out in a really big way."

On the new dragons we'll encounter in Dawnguard Carofano had the following to say:

"They're a lot more difficult and actually you fight some new and unique dragons in Dawnguard. One of them is trapped in Soul Cairn and turned into a keeper of Soul Cairn and he has a new shout and you can learn this shout that is able to rip oit the souls of your enemies and turn them into undead and let them fight for you."

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim expansion Dawnguard is set for released on Xbox Live on June 26, with other versions set to follow at a later date.