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Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth free during the weekend

And you can buy the game for half-priced.

If you still haven' tried Civilization: Beyond Earth, but are curios to do so, we advise you to enjoy Steam's new promotion over the weekend. You can download the full version for free and play without any limitation until August 17. If you enjoy the game and want to continue playing after that, you can also buy Civilization: Beyond Earth for 50% of the usual price.

It's a good opportunity to try a decent strategy game, especially considering that the Rising Tide expansion is scheduled for release on October 9 (you can also pre-order it with a 10% discount). Below you can watch an interview about the expansion and if you head here you can read our review of Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Civilization: Beyond EarthCivilization: Beyond EarthCivilization: Beyond Earth