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Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR F2P not "super easy"

Bioware step back from rumours.

Last week comments made during an interview with The Old Republic's lead designer Emmanuel Lusinchi sparked rumours that Bioware and EA were considering adopting a free-to-play financial model for the MMO.

The story obviously touched a nerve somewhere, as the interview has since been pulled from the site (gamestm), but that hasn't stopped the rumours surrounding a potential shift.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's game director, James Ohlen, played down talk of a change when he spoke to PC Gamer: "I think it can work for different games. It really depends on how you go with your game. Games that have been built to be free-to-play from the start definitely work out."

"There have been games that weren't free to play from the start and transferred over to becoming free to play that have worked as well. But it's definitely not something that's super easy to do."

Whilst something certainly needs to be done to improve the fortunes of Bioware and EA's MMO (no doubt they'll be hoping that the introduction of a free trial up to level 15 will help), it seems that initial reports and rumours were a little wide of the mark. Yes a shift to free-to-play may still happen, but don't expect anything that drastic anytime soon.

Star Wars: The Old Republic