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The Last of Us

Last of Us Easter Egg explained

Designer confesses to Uncharted nod.

GRTV tracked down the person responsible for The Last of Us easter egg in Uncharted 3 during our interview sessions at Sony's lounge at E3.

"I prefer the term 'easter egg'", laughs Naughty Dog game designer and culprit Anthony Newman, after he confessed to outing the game early.

The early leak/easter egg was from a newspaper headline found in a pub during Nathan Drake's adventures in the third Uncharted game late last year, which was the first nod to Naughty Dog's newest project.

According to Newman, the wink was left in by accident when The Last of Us announcement was shifted back from E3 to the VGAs.

"At the time I was still working on Uncharted 3 and I saw the development work being done on The Last of Us," Anthony explains. "I was super-exicted about that project, so I wanted to have a little hint in Uncharted 3, sort of tying the two games together.

"Originally at that time I think we were going to announce the game at that year's E3. So Uncharted would have come out well after the announcement of the last of us. But we decided to change our announce date to the VGAs. So Uncharted 3 was already out by that time, and people found the newspaper in the London pub, saying 'scientists are baffled by deadly fungus'."

Newman shakes his head in remembrance. "I thought i was going to get fired. Thankfully I wasn't."

Newman discusses the accidental leak - alright, Easter Egg - along with a more in-depth talk about what the studio's focusing on with The Last of Us, and how its drawing inspiration from the likes of The Walking Dead, in our GRTV Interview. Check it out.