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Typoman: "Nintendo has been very supportive"

We talk to Brainseed Factory's Bilal Chbib about the puntastic puzzle platformer.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

We caught up with Brainseed Factory's Bilal Chbib at the MIX during E3 to learn more about the Wii U exclusive word pun extravaganza that is Typoman.

"Typoman is a platformer, but a very unique one," says Chbib. "We use typography as the central theme of the game. So you solve puzzles using words and language and not buttons and weapons."

The decision to go Wii U exclusive was an easy one in the end according to Chbib as the GamePad offers some great gameplay advantages.

"We've been Nintendo fanboys since we were young," adds Chbib. "It was an easy decision in the end and Nintendo have been very supportive. It's a great partner."