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Star Wars Battlefront

DICE aiming for the most authentic Star Wars experience ever

We talk to Battlefront's senior producer about fantasy and authenticity.

Senior producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir tells us more about the modes coming in Star Wars Battlefront, as well explaining how the studio is planning to deliver unrivalled authenticity.

First up though we discussed the studio's vision for the game, and what they want to offer players when it launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17.

"Our vision for this game has been to immerse the player in their Star Wars battle fantasies. Whether they're the large-scale fantasy of something like Walker Assault, or the fantasy of being one on one Jedi versus Jedi, and everything in-between, as well as dogfighting in starfighters and controlling an AT-ST. All of those fantasies, that's what we wanted to deliver."

Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront

We wondered just how much work went into creating the authenticity that underpins the experience, using something as simple as blaster fire as an example to ask about the level of detail the studio needs to go into when creating a Star Wars experience that feels genuine to fans.

"Yes it does," Ingvarsdottir said, "and that's where our collaboration with Lucasfilm comes in, because they've given us incredible access to the original props from the movies. So we've been to Skywalker Ranch and we've been to the archives, and we've used the technology called photogrammetry to capture these assets and bring them into the game.

"And we've done the same with the natural environments. We've gone to Finse, Norway, to capture Hoth. We've gone to the Redwood Forests in California to capture Endor. And that really enables us to, because these are the original locations from when the movies are made, we're bringing those to life in the most accurate detail that is possible.

"And then of course we also have access to the John Williams music, I mean what's Star Wars without that music? And then we also have the original sound stems from the movies that we use for the game. So in order to create the most authentic experience ever I think we have all the ingredients that are needed for that."

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