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Dragon Knights

Dragon Knights announced

MMO registering for closed beta.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Aeria Games has today announced a new MMORPG, Dragon Knights.

The game is to be free-to-play, and revolves around a plot focussed on a battle against a malevolent dragon named Kharvag. Aeria are promising "a PvP-intensive, visually striking, 3D fantasy roleplaying game."

Executive producer Spencer Tucker said: "Dragon Knights immerses players in a vibrant and violent fantasy world which is designed to encourage a multitude of ways for players to fight with each other. Core players will enjoy a rich MMORPG experience packed with PvP combat, large scale guild battles, and even a political system where they can get elected to positions of power."

Aside from the usual trimmings associated with an MMO, Dragon Knights is promising a few unique features, including a transformation system that allows gamers to not only take on the physical appearance of monsters, but also their battle capabilities. Players will also have an election system, allowing them to vote fellow players into positions of authority within the game world.

For more information, or to register for the closed beta, just visit here.

Dragon Knights
Dragon KnightsDragon Knights
Dragon KnightsDragon KnightsDragon Knights

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