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The Race for the White House

Race for the White House

Want to be President?

The Race for the White House is a new political simulator by Everism, due out on June 28 (with iOS and Android releases planned not long after).

Players take on the role of a real American presidential candidate and join the campaign trail. Play either Realistic (with actual campaign budgets and voting polls) or Equal Start (which offers all candidates the same resources) game modes, and choose from a wide selection of different real-life political figures.

The Race for the White House

The Race for the White House provides gamers with a variety of different things to consider whilst making their push for office. In the game you must take part in all the usual electioneering, including fund raising, television debates, setting up a campaign HQ and picking out and announcing your policies. You'll even get the chance to run a negative campaign, should you so wish. Scandal can be spread, you can pinch campaign cash and sabotage your opponent's attempts to get elected.

Another interesting feature worth noting; players can either compete with an AI controlled opponent, or they will be able to go online and have a political showdown against another person.

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The Race for the White House
The Race for the White House