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Wii U must cost under $300

Analyst suggests low price needed.

Michael Pachter, an analyst over at American firm Wedbush Morgan, has suggested that unless Nintendo launch the Wii U at a competitive price, it will struggle to compete in the current market.

Speaking to CVG, Pachter said: "The console must be priced below $300 to succeed, in my opinion, and best at $249 or less."

Translated into GBP, that equates to roughly £190. Can Nintendo launch their console at such a low price? Considering the technology used in the console and in the Wii U GamePad, it is likely to be costly to manufacture, possibly prohibiting a low launch price.

Pachter continued: "Nintendo is intent upon repeating their success with the Wii. While I agree that the Wii U controller is sufficiently novel and different from traditional controllers, I am not sure that there is a killer app that will drive Wii U adoption the way Wii Sports did for the Wii."

"At E3 I was not particularly impressed with many of the games, and in particular found Sing baffling. I don't understand why I need a tablet to read Karaoke words rather than reading the words on the TV screen instead."