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News Highlights: E3 Week

E3 in a nutshell.

It's the busiest week of the year. If you ever bump into a games journalist during E3, hand them a coffee. It's the only decent thing to do.

We've been on the ground in L.A. and trawling the interwebsupernet searching out the best games at E3. Whilst there's much more content to come in the next few days, here's the biggest news stories from the last week.

In something resembling chronological order, here goes.

Nintendo opened things up with Nintendo Direct, a pre-press conference press conference designed to steal thunder. It didn't really work.

Next up it was Microsoft. Their presentation opened up with Halo 4, much to delight of the assembled crowd.

Halo 4

Halo then made way to Microsoft's other sci-fi blockbuster franchise; Gears of War. A prequel, Judgement, was announced. Then we got a look at playable demo of Resident Evil 6, which was nice.

Microsoft wrapped things up with a presentation of Activision's little known FPS, Black Ops 2. Once again, Call of Duty content will drop on Xbox 360 first.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Next up it was Sony. Their big reveal came in the form of Beyond: Twin Souls, starring Ellen Page.

The next reveal was Assassin's Creed III: Liberation. A new assassin, Aveline, and a new city to explore (New Orleans) and exclusively for PS Vita. Nice exclusive.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

We saw more of Far Cry 3 and found out about a collaboration with J.K. Rowling called Wonderbook.

Sony saved the best till The Last of Us.

The Last of Us

That evening EA and Ubisoft also had their press conferences. The EA show was a fairly dour affair, but some good games were featured, including Battlefield Premium (EA's answer to Call of Duty Elite), Dead Space 3 and Sim City.

But it was Ubisoft who stole the show. Their line-up was outstanding, was very Wii U heavy (more on that in a minute) and culminated in the awesome looking Watch Dogs (we interviewed them later in the week).

Watch Dogs

The last of the big three took to the stage the following day. Nintendo were only really talking about the Wii U. They showed off their line-up, but ultimately many were left feeling a little underwhelmed.

Other highlights that popped up this week include: The Agni's Philosophy tech-demo from Sqaure Enix, Crysis 3 looking lovely, Star Wars 1313, our Tomb Raider interview and Warface.

Star Wars 1313 and Tomb Raider

We were filming blogs throughout the week, you can view them all here, and we've also maintained an A to Z of E3 page.