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Broken Sea

Broken Sea announced

New IP from King Arthur II dev.

Neocore Games today announced a new IP, Broken Sea. The game is described as being a party-based tactical RPG and will be released for PC only.

Broken Sea is set in a world of magic, and if it's anything like the developer's previous games (King Arthur II being the most notable example), storytelling will feature prominently.

Neocore give us a little insight into to plot in their press release: "A world-spanning tale of an arcane order, exploration, and adventure, players will follow the clues left behind by history to unearth the truth behind the mysterious events occurring throughout the realm."

Zoltan Pozsonyi, producer at Neocore Games, said: "Broken Sea follows the classical traditions of RPG adventures. Putting a party together in search of the truth is a tale anybody can get behind. Thanks to the epic story and the unique party-based tactics on offer, Broken Sea is poised to offer something really engaging and immersive to players."

Broken Sea
Broken Sea
Broken Sea