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Tourist Trophy 2

A new Tourist Trophy on PS4 is possible

Kazunori hasn't ruled out a return for the racing series.


After nine years since its launch on PlayStation 2, the Tourist Trophy franchise could make its return on PlayStation 4 soon.

The president of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi, has been talking about the possibility during a recent event in Paris, and hasn't ruled it out a possible Tourist Trophy 2 in the future - in view of the huge demand from fans.

Questioned on it by Spaziogames, Yamauchi said the following: "I am aware that the game is expected by many fans, so I can't deny a Tourist Trophy 2".

Next year the franchise will celebrate its tenth anniversary, so it could be an excellent opportunity to release a new instalment in the racing series. Yamauchi seemed somehow to suggest that the studio could get working on it soon. We will keep you updated on it as and when we know more.

Tourist Trophy 2

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