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Gamereactor UK

The E3 Blog Show

Gillen, Bengt and Lucy at E3.

It's all done and dusted and everyone is heading home, with tired and aching feet and heads full of new games. But what an adventure. We've seen some amazing games, incredible debuts and a shit load of big announcements.

Here's the journey, from the very start.

Bengt and Gillen started the week by fighting off a zombie invasion. Honest.

Our men on the ground avoid sunburn and discuss their hopes and dreams for the week ahead.

Nintendo might have tried to steal the show with Nintendo Direct on Sunday night, but they couldn't distract us from the return of Master Chief.

EA and Ubisoft went all out this year. There were some big announcements; Bengt and Gillen sort through them.

Lucy and Gillen are on hand to discuss Sony's press conference. What were their highlights?

Gillen checks out the best of Xbox Showcase.

It's the end of day one at E3, but before Gillen heads off to dance with Cortana and Bengt hits the hay, what were their highlights?

The Nintendo show proper. Gillen calls it interesting. Bengt is not so sure.

At the end of the second day, what games have caught the attention of Bengt, Lucy and Gillen. Nobody mentions Bengt's hat, and Gillen doesn't make a prat out of himself in front of id Games' John Carmack.

The last blog from this year's event. Gillen and Lucy talk about their overall highlights. Bengt doesn't, during filming he was chained to the Medal of Honour booth, allegedly.

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