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Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally on track for release on PS4 and Xbox One

Codemasters confident that console version will follow Early Access.


Codemasters' new racing game, Dirt Rally, is only available on PC at the moment, with the game recently given a surprise release on Steam Early Access. As yet there's no official date for the racer making the leap over to console.

However, if you own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and you're pining for a new rally racer, there is still hope that something might well be coming further down the road. Lead designer Paul Coleman explained in an interview with Red Bull that he wants to develop the racer for consoles too, and recognises that PC is only a "section of the wider gaming market, so ultimately I want players who invested in consoles rather than PCs to be able to experience this game first hand."

"Early access is the pathway or road that we're using," he added, "but I think that once we get to the end of that road we can confidently be packaging and curating a console experience from the content and also from the learnings that we had on PC for our console audience... I think it's something that we should be actively looking to do."

Dirt Rally