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Paper Mario

Paper Mario & Kirby's Epic Yarn heading to Wii U this week

A couple of classics are getting re-released.

Nintendo has just confirmed that this week's update for Eshop will deliver another brace of classics to Wii U. On Thursday we'll be getting the funny role-playing game, Paper Mario, a title that was first released on N64 back in October 2001. The game is priced €9,99 / £8.99. At the same time we're also getting a wonderful platformer, Kirby's Epic Yarn, which was originally released in February 2011 on the original Wii. That one is priced €14,99 / £13.49.

For those among you looking for new releases, Swords & Soldiers 2 is getting released this week. The 2D real-time strategy game by Ronimo Games is releasing exclusively on Wii U. You can play as either Vikings, Persians, or Demons, and there'll be local multiplayer. That one will cost €18,99 / £16.99.

Paper MarioPaper Mario
Paper Mario