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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja's turns two

1.5 trillion fruit pieces chopped.

To mark their game's second birthday, Halfbrick has released some delightful statistics for the massively popular Fruit Ninja.

According to their stats, the game has over 300 million players worldwide. Those players have sliced over 50 billion combos, and over 100 years of cumulative player time has been spent playing the game. But our favourite stat of the lot; over 1.5 trillion fruit pieces have been chopped, sliced and diced in the two years since the game was released.

Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer of Halfbrick, said: "We have plenty more tricks up our sleeves, including more Fruit Ninja updates, continued expansion of our latest blockbuster hit Jetpack Joyride and a new batch of games to come in the future. We're showing the world how Aussie creativity can make a huge impact on games worldwide."

Fruit Ninja