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News Highlights: Thurs 31st May

Handhelds, DLC and Gears.

Here's another collection of news stories for your reading pleasure.

There is going to be a new Gears of War announced at E3. Happy days.

CD Projekt last night revealed details of their next game, a Cyberpunk RPG.

Epic defeated the Silicon Knights in court.

Pro Evo 12 will not make it to PS Vita. Though the remake of 80's classic, Spy Hunter, will be making an appearance on the handheld (and the 3DS).

Speaking of handhelds, check out our new GRTV show, Handheld Heaven. Lee and Rasmus talk about the latest portable releases.

We've got screens of Dead Space 3.

Are we going to hear about a new Splinter Cell game at E3, or will it sneak past the convention?

Sega revealed their E3 line up. Details here.

And then there's this: The trailer for Dawnguard, Skyrim's first piece of DLC.

Now. Breath.