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Gamereactor UK

News Highlights: Weds 30th May

Balls. And innuendo.

We've got balls on the brain. Specifically footballs. We've got new screens and a hands-on report on FIFA 13.

A new Castlevania title, Mirror of Fate, has been confirmed. Time to start neck-sucking again soon then.

Apple ain't interested in consoles. They'd prefer us to keep stroking their tablets presumably.

Curt Schilling, a man who likes nothing more than to gently cup balls in his large leather glove, has spoken out about the demise of 38 Studios.

First CD Projekt teased us, but they'll gave us what we want at 6pm GMT (not BST alright!).

Of course, all of this innuendo was leading somewhere. Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe is dusting off his profanisaurus and having another crack at the game designing whip, this time with his new Kickstarter IP, Sam Suede in Undercover Exposure. It's a game that cant come soon enough for some fans!