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Descent: Underground

Descent to rise once again via Kickstarter

Campaign kicks off for classic 6DoF shooter series.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Fans of the six degrees of freedom shooter Descent will be delighted to hear that the classic '90s series is set to make an official return if a newly unveiled sequel can hit target in a new Kickstarter campaign.

Descent: Underground is hoping to raise $600k on the crowd funding site, with the aim being a release in March of next year if it can raise enough funds.

Descent: Underground

Former Star Citizen dev Eric "Wingman" Peterson is heading up an experienced team, and he and his team are certainly saying the right things. Here's a bit of the spiel from the Kickstarter page:

We're bringing back 6DoF by blasting Descent into the 21st Century with current-generation gaming technology. Descent: Underground is more than a graphics upgrade. Get ready for multiple types of customizable ships! Prepare for upgradable weapons and sensors with richly-detailed tech trees. Brace yourself for destructible voxel maps with new power-ups and mod tools to make your own maps and more!

There'll be eight customisable ships to unlock, four different PvP map types to fight in (and several space-themed game modes - Capture the Asteroid, Capture the Ore, Deathmatch Destruction, and Mining for Minerals), and the focus seems to be firmly on the multiplayer side of the game. The whole thing is being built using Unreal Engine 4, and it's being made with mod support in mind.

So far the pitch has attracted pledges of more than $75k, so there's still a lot to do before the campaign wraps up on April 10. Head this way for more details.

Descent: UndergroundDescent: Underground