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Affordable Space Adventures

Turning the Wii U GamePad into a custom controller

Affordable Space Adventures hits Wii U on April 9 and we caught up with the creative director.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

The collaborative effort from Knapnok Games and Nifflas - Affordable Space Adventures is very close to its release on Wii U and we caught up with creative director Lau Korsgaard at PAX East to learn more. Of course, PAX wouldn't be PAX if an interview didn't get interrupted and on this occassion we were interrupted by a performance of what we think might have been the Mario Kart theme.

"We're trying to do a space exploration game that is like beautiful and atmospheric, but also uses the controllers in new and interesting ways," says Korsgaard.

"We want to make a complex game," the creative director continued. "Originally we were inspired by the original Xbox game Steel Battalion. Which is this mech game that has this big custom controller. Where you're actually pulling buttons and so on. You can't make these kind of games these days. It's too expensive to produce a real custom controller. But the Wii U GamePad is actually like... you can program a controller yourself, you can make a custom controller. So yeah, we want to make a big, complicated game and have a complicated controller, and we can actually have a chance to do that with the gamepad."