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Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3: "it's about the player and their creativity"

"We wanted to keep the campiness, the wild characters, and the crazy scenarios."

We caught up with Just Cause 3's game director, Roland Lesterlin, and found out more about the much anticipated third game in the anarchic open-world series. During the interview he told us about the tone of the upcoming title, and how the studio is making sure creativity leads to fun for the player:

"I think it's lighthearted," Lesterlin said, "so from the very beginning we're always sitting there and checking out the world and saying ‘well, if I'm playing with physics and I've tethered someone up to a wall and then a car next to it and the whole thing explodes,' well it's just silly. And then if you had a serious story next to it, it just wouldn't really fit together, so our story has the same sort of humour in it. It allows us to be a little campy and fun."

He continued: "I think the very fact that the game is so much fun to make hopefully comes through in the game, and even when working with the actors on set and showing them videos of how the game worked and telling them: "ok, in this scene, this is what's going on", and you can see in their eyes that this seems very silly. And then of course you get great humour, and we've got some amazing actors who are able to keep that tone, and it's a little bit of the B action movie feel. We wanted to keep the campiness, the wild characters, and the crazy scenarios."

The game director then added: "The game is really about the player, and I think that's why we've been so lucky that the modding community and the fanbase has been so supportive of the franchise, it's that it's about the player and their creativity first and foremost. So when we started making Just Cause 3 that's where we started."

Just Cause 3 is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in "holiday" 2015.

Just Cause 3