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Mass Effect 2

No Mass Effect 2 on PS3

Bioware moves to silence rumours

Earlier this week rumours of a PS3 version of Bioware's massively popular Mass Effect 2 were running rampant across the net. A piece of code that read as follows;











...was found and presented as evidence for a PS3 version. The explanation for this came straight from Bioware's Chris Priestly on the Bioware forums.

"The Unreal Engine is cross platform, hence the PS3 code. This was brought up back in Mass Effect 1 days as well.

Mass Effect is for the PC and Xbox 360."

Well, that should put an end to the rumours for now. Of course, with the recent announcement of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City on PC and Playstation 3 we have learnt to never say never when it comes to exclusivities.

Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2