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Star Trek Online

Atari to try Star Trek record

Dressing up is so much fun!

Namco Bandai and Atari are trying to get into the Guinness World Records by staging the largest gathering of people dressed up as nerds...I mean Star Trek characters ever. The event takes place in London, at the Millenium Bridge, on February 14. The whole thing is meant, of course, to promote their latest MMO - Star Trek Online, developed by Cryptic "Champions Online" Studios, that launched yesterday.

There will be prices given out to everyone attending and the best dressed Trekkers will be able to win things like lifetime subscriptions to Star Trek Online.

"This should be an absolutely fantastic fun filled day and definitely one all fans of Star Trek should get involved in," Namco Bandai's Lee Kirton states in the press release. It's also a perfect opportunity for the hardcore Trek-fans to win a lifetime subscription, then go on the official forums and complain about the game not being "Star Treky"-enough for the rest of eternity.

Star Trek Online
In the Mirror World, Spock wears flannel shirts and listens to Soundgarden.