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News Highlights: Wed 2nd May

Black Ops 2 and Skyrim's first DLC.

The day started out with a bang as Activision made Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 official (finally). And for those eager to know it all we've compiled an essentials piece with all the available information.

Is Bayonetta 2 still in development? Some sources say it has been axed by struggling Sega, while Hideki Kamiya went on twitter to say we may see something in next week's Japanese gaming magazines.

It was inevitable given how much money certain Kickstarter projects have garnered, but today saw the revelation of a fake Kickstarter campaign. Thankfully, it was revealed before anyone had paid money towards the project.

Another major piece of news revealed today was the first news on Skyrim's first DLC pack - Dawnguard. This was followed by the outlining of DLC plans for Max Payne 3.

In E3 related news, Nintendo confirmed its intention to hold a press conference on the morning of June 5 (local time), while Valve's Gabe Newell has stated that no new game from Valve will be shown at the event. In other Valve news the latest beta of Steam allows users to start downloads remotely.

We also brought you fresh assets from Hitman: Absolution and the news that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be playable at the MCM Expo in London later this month.

Finally, we leave you with our editor-in-chief's chat with EA Sport head honcho Andrew Wilson. If you're in the game, you will want to tune in to this one.

See you back tomorrow!

Hitman: Absolution.