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Retro: Wild Guns - the steampunk arcade shooter

It's Throwback Thursday again and we travel back to 1995 and the Old West to shoot some... mechas!

Outlaw cowboys from the Wild West, a main character (naturally called Clint) taken from your choice of Spaghetti western, steampunk mechas from Japanese science fiction and frantic arcade action to the tunes of exciting 16-bit music.

That's the awesome combination you could play right in your living room with Wild Guns back in 1995-96. Veteran studio Natsume and popular (now defunct) French brand Titus brought this rather original concept to Super Nintendo with top arcade quality, but it was a dedicated SNES project and not an arcade port.

In this week's Retro Gameplay we play through first two levels of this cult classic (the original cartridge is a rare gem for collectors), so you can check out its great, smooth mechanics in 2 players co-op action. Game concept is pretty similar to the classic arcade Cabal (think Sin & Punishment or Zombie Panic in Wonderland), so we'd put some good reward on a Wiimote-enabled modern remake. Kickstarter anyone?