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Dirt Showdown

DiRT Showdown demo

Full-contact 8 Ball event.

Codemasters has today unleashed a demo of DiRT Showdown, available to download on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and on PC (via Steam).

There are two modes to explore; a single player full-impact race, and a multiplayer demolition derby event.

In the 8 Ball event, players will take part in a "chaotic, full-impact race in the shadow of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, using boost to sprint ahead of rivals and speeding through crossover points where drivers can dodge or takedown opponents".

Upon completing the race, players will unlock the Rampage multiplayer mode, where up to eight players compete in a demolition derby event.

Those who download the demo will also be invited to sign up for RaceNet, a new online service that links all of Codemasters Racing's games.

A "Hoonigan" edition of DiRT Showdown is also available for pre-order from GAME and Gamestation, and will feature an in-game cash boost, an online XP multiplier, and a variety of different liveries for some of the cars.