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Gamereactor UK

News Highlights: Friday 27th April

Wii U, GRTV and deep under the sea.

There's a couple of themes running through today's highlights.

First the nautical link. Risen 2: Dark Waters set sail today, and there be details of DLC here.

For all you aspiring submariners, we've got the first trailer for Silent Hunter Online.

And are EA looking to Sim the ocean?

A double bill of Wii U stories for you today. The final design for the console is set to be unveiled at this year's E3 (with pricing details and release dates to be revealed at a later date).

Nintendo are planning on launching the console with all first party titles available for digital download on day one.

A leaked trailer has inadvertently revealed Rayman Legends.

And we've got a hearty spread of GRTV related material for you to enjoy. We chat with NIS America about Disgaea on PS Vita, there's a Soft Kinetic interview, Dishonored's creative directors speak about the game, and we have a week's worth of stories on GRTV News.

Have a good weekender.