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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect's Garrus returns

Focus of latest Homeworlds comic series.

Dark Horse is continuing its publication of Mass Effect: Homeworlds comic series, which focuses on the lives of the sci-fi franchise's main cast.

The latest issue, which has been solicited for release come July 25th (a long way away - but comic releases are usually highlighted months in advance for retailers to order according to demand) sees the spotlight fall on Garrus Vakarian in a new story by Mass Effect 3 writers Mac Walters and John Dombrow and scripted by Star Wars writer Jeremy Barlow.

The 32-pager follows the Turian as he investigates a murder on Omega - will there be some fallout of his time as Archangel aboard the station?

Check out the art from the issue below - you can see the other, plus more details about the series - on comic book news site Newsarama.

Mass Effect 3