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Dirt Showdown

Codemaster's Racenet

One profile across all Codie racers.

Codemasters have announced plans for something called Racenet. A free service that let's players across all upcoming Codemasters racing products to connect and compete.

Racenet will help analyse your racing, and compare them to your friends across different games, modes, etc. In a way it's Call of Duty: Elite for all upcoming racing games from Codemasters. The service will kick off with Dirt Showdown (out on May 24), and parts of it will be made available as early as May 1 with the launch of the Dirt Showdown demo.

Dirt Showdown

Codemasters' Racenet is completely free of charge and can be accessed with any browser. It will feature competitions and rewards for players to partake in and enjoy.

Statement of intent via the press release:

"We're the only developer and publisher that can bring such a focus to a specific genre. It's not about one game. It's about all your Codemasters Racing games. It's also way of allowing players to get more out of our games and enjoy more of the content we provide. By encouraging players to spend more time with our games on and offline, we see RaceNet evolving as a platform that encourages players to get more out of their experience with Codemasters Racing games."

Dirt Showdown
Dirt Showdown
Dirt Showdown
Dirt Showdown