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Aegis Defenders

What is Aegis Defenders?

We chat with Studio Guts' Bryce Kho about the "metroidvania"-style game that's launching a Kickstarter next week.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Aegis Defenders is an upcoming "metroidvania"-style platformer that adds tower defense mechanics that caught our attention at E3. Check out this brief chat with Studio Guts' Bryce Kho.

"The game's artstyle is inspired by a lot of the older Miyazaki films," says Kho. "Like Princess Mononoke was a big one. Nausicaa. And gameplay-wise I'm a fan of Metroidvania like namesakes, Metroids and Castlevanias are games I really love and like you said there's going to be a lot more unique weapons that you unlock."

Studio Guts are set to launch their Kickstarter for the game on July 30, and there's the potential to add more platforms.

"Depending on how it goes we've been talking to Sony for Vita and PS4 and Nintendo for 3DS and Wii U."

Here's a gallery of screenshots from the game:

Aegis Defenders
Aegis DefendersAegis Defenders
Aegis DefendersAegis Defenders
Aegis Defenders