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The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle: "you'll get some serious challenge here"

We talk to Croteam about their move away from Serious Sam.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

We caught up with Croteam's Tom Jubert at E3, and found out more about the studio's break away from Serious Sam, the philosophical puzzler, The Talos Principle.

"It's a very purist puzzler," Jubert explained, "it's something like The Swapper, but first-person. If you're really into your puzzle games you'll get some serious challenge here. But we've also layered it up with this philosophical narrative, there's a kind of meta-puzzle in the narrative. My co-writer Jonas Kyratzes is fantastic at this, he layers up his documents so you kind of dig into it and find out the history, and be challenged a little bit as you go through. If you believe in some kind of crazy philosophical thing, you're going to have to support that argument in this game."

If you're intrigued by the prospect of a philosophical puzzler, The Talos Principle is heading to PC and PlayStation 4 at the end of the year, with other platforms still to be confirmed.


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