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Assassin's Creed III

News Highlights: Mon 26th March

A hectic way to start the week.

There's no time for pre-amble. Here's the news.

The situation at GAME has escalated in the last few hours. The company finally went into administration today. News of this was swiftly followed by the revelation that CEO Ian Shepherd had left his position as head of the company.

Both GAME and Gamestation stores began shutting down across the country following the companies move into administration. Gamestation's Flagship store in Birmingham was the highest profile casualty in a move that is expected to mean the loss of thousands of jobs. Reports put the total of store closures at 277 (with over 2,000 jobs lost).

Customers who visited stores today were either greeted by closed doors or by the news that the retailer is no longer accepting credit kept on gift cards or on loyalty cards.

It was reported earlier today that a Royal Bank of Scotland funded takeover was a possibility, as several firms look to cherry pick assets from the once powerful retail empire.

FIFA Street has retained its spot at the top of the UK sales chart.

All of the fighters from Dead or Alive 5 have been prematurely revealed.

There are rumours abound that Sony are going to close down Unit 13 dev Zipper.

Plenty of Assassin's Creed III goodies for you on the site today. We've got a preview of the game, an interview, plus details on the three collector's editions that will be available to buy when ACIII arrives in October.

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Assassin's Creed III