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Gamereactor UK

News Highlights: Fri 23rd March

Because it's Friday....

Here we are again. Back at Friday and the weekend, with yet another week consigned to the history books. With that in mind, here's a chance to take stock of what's happened today in the world of gaming.

It's here at long last. Download the Gamereactor Android app right now. Go on, you know you want to.

We've got plenty of GRTV stuff for your eyes to salivate over. Bengt talks to Josh Hackney about the hugely anticipated MMOFPS Planetside 2. Bengt also talks to Roman Campos-Oriola as he tries to find out more about the Guerrilla mode in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. There's also this preview of Darksiders II - well worth checking out.

PC downloads now make up over half of all software sales.

GameStop has put some distance between themselves and rumours that they might be about to make a move for GAME's UK operation.

And last up, it's competition time. Want to win a PS Vita with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Dynasty Warriors Next? Of course you do, and here's how.

See you next week.